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Checklists are tasks with sub-items underneath. Checklist items are just titles without any of the other properties of tasks. They do not show up on their own in any list – only as part of the checklist task itself.

Natural Language Entry

When creating new events or tasks, you will notice the title field will glow blue. This indicates that Natural Language Parsing is on (English only). When Natural Language Parsing is on, you can still type in just a title if you wish, however you can also enter a phrase such as:

Pickup groceries every friday 6pm at Krogers


Lunch with Joe next monday at Chilis

and Pocket Informant will automatically fill out the various fields for you. Try it – it’s really fun!

You can find more information about how to use Natural Language Parsing here. For pieces of text that you don’t wish to be used by the parser, just wrap that text in brackets – {} or []. You can also swipe to the left to turn off the parsing or to turn it back on again. If your locale is not English, parsing is off by default. You can turn it on by swiping left on the text field.

Evernote Reminders

With version 3.1 you can now add a “Pin to” date for Notes. If these notes sync to Evernote then they automatically become Evernote Reminders. Notes with a Pin-To date will show up on the Pocket Informant calendar. Evernote Reminders show up on the calendar as well, but also show a completion button to mark the note as complete.