We are happy to share with you the following Release Notes for Pocket Informant 5.54


Fixed ability to toggle NLP (Natural Language Parsing) on and off.  This is done with a new gesture. Open a blank task or event editor and double tap the title field to toggle the feature on or off.

Fixed the Delete Completed button in the completed tasks grouping of main task view.

Fixed Pocket Informant can now be selected when the iOS Share Sheet comes up.

Fixed Siri Shortcut for events, a new event was not being assigned to any calendar, now it will be assigned to the default calendar.

Fixed search inadvertently creating new items, some users searched terms were creating new items (events or tasks).

Also included are some other various minor fixes and updates!


iOS Dark Mode Support- Informant now supports iOS Dark Mode, make sure that your theme settings in Informant are set to automatic for iOS Dark Mode to work properly.

Contacts Group Management- Users can now add, delete, and manage new contact groups.

Update to Russian Localization Strings- Some Russian localization strings have been updated based on user feedback.

Coming soon- The following items are NOT part of this update but should be coming soon!

Correction of various gestures not directly supported by iOS 13

Correction of the notes dictation turning off too soon in iOS 13

And more so stay tuned!!!

We want to thank our beta group for all of their help in testing the iOS Dark Mode support, we appreciate you so much!!!