Pocket Informant 3 for Android has been designed with its own backup module. You can use it to keep a safe copy of your data, store reference settings before changing them, or to transfer data and/or settings from one device to another.

By default a new backup file is generated automatically at midnight. PocketInformant then keeps the 5 most recent backups before it starts deleting the oldest backup on each auto-backup. You can change this number in the auto-backup settings ( the “Auto Backup” settings group can be expanded on tap on the left side of the setting control).
You can also create a manual backup any time you want (using “Backup Now” menu command in Settings->Backup).
Backup is a simple zip archive which contains copies of all Pocket Informant databases and all your settings (all sensitive data is encrypted). To restore from such backup, tap on the small triangle icon on the right of the backup file name and select the “Restore” menu command. Pocket Informant will then ask if you want to restore settings, data or both. If you want your data to stay the same, and only the settings to be restored to the previous values, you can do this by selecting “Settings” there.
All backup files are created in the PocketInformant folder on the flash storage on your device. To transfer data to another device you need to move this file to the same location on the new device and then restore from it there.
Yuriy Savchenkobackup