I’m in San Francisco doing some meetings and taking in some parties – note these are work parties, but I do get some good food and drink. One thing that kept coming up constantly was:

What was your favorite announcement at WWDC?

I always ask them in what context: Developer or user because its radically different for me both ways. As a developer my answer is pretty obvious: Extensibility. We finally get to have a widget on the Notification Center and lock screens; we finally get to extend alert/alarms to show task completion, snooze, and more (I think…). We may even get to do some event/task actions in other apps for integration. This answers so many of my customer requests and I know it’ll make my iOS 8 experience much much richer overall.
However as a user – my answer is quite different. I think extensions will be awesome, but will take time to really make a difference. However right away the new Yosemite typography is what hit me. I love typography, coming from a print/advertising background (that was my major at University of Texas). So this is my one big feature that will actually change my life immediately in a positive direction.

Don’t get me wrong – there were dozens of major features that I will be using constantly and will make my life better like better keyboards, Mail improvements, text messaging, hand-off, continuity, and so much more; however the Yosemite typography is going to be there 100% of the time making things better. The features are the meat, but I like my dessert and that’s what typography is – it makes everything that much richer.