Apple yesterday released iOS 10 and will soon be releasing macOS Sierra At Fanatic we have a history of supporting the current and previous OS and we try to time our updates and versions around these major OS releases. Very soon we will be updating all of our software with the following OS support.

Informant for macOS currently supports Yosemite 10.10 and El Capitan 10.11. We have a beta of Informant for macOS that also supports Sierra and that version will be released on the date that Sierra is released (September 20th). This version – M8 Update 2 – will be the only version of Informant for macOS to support all three macOS operating system versions. Even with M8 today, we use a lot of El Capitan-only features that are foundational to our UI and even many of the UI features that were introduced in Yosemite work best in El Capitan and are slightly broken in Yosemite. With the release of Milestone 9, we will be supporting El Capitan and Sierra only. 

For iOS, Informant 4.9 supports iOS 8 and 9. We have released Informant 4.94 to the App Store which brings bug-fixes and better support for iOS 10. 4.94 is slated to be the last release of the Informant 4.x series, though we might always update it if necessary. We will be introducing Informant 5 this fall on iOS 10 only as it has been designed with a brand new user-interface and compelling features around the iOS 10 UI, its abilities, and opportunities. iOS 8 and 9 users will still be able to download Informant 4.9x.

We hope that this information is helpful to you. We can’t answer any questions about Informant 5 just yet – its in very heavy development, but we would prefer to announce and talk about it right before release due to its significance to the future of productivity!