We recently release Informant 4 for iOS and we’ve gotten a really great reaction to it. So what about Android?! We’ve recently released a pretty substantial update for Android that added:

  • Task and Note view redesign
  • Optional Franklin Covey task priorities (A1-Z99) added
  • Added ability to complete notes (with sync to Evernote)
  • Sending events and tasks via SMS added
  • Search by folders/contexts added
  • New sort options for tasks and notes
  • Other fixes and improvements

With Android we’ve been doing a lot of updates adjusting to feedback and moving forward but even with the update last week, we can do a lot more.

We’ve started on the design stage of Informant for Android a little while ago and we even used part of that for iOS; but we’ve now started on the big update for Android: 4.0.

It’ll take a few months so you won’t hear from us on Android until we hit late beta and then we plan a big push. I hope you guys are as excited as we are!