I don’t wear my Apple watch all the time because I do have dry skin in the winter and anything on my wrist eventually irritates it, but I wear it nearly 100% of the time when I’m out. It helps me disconnect from my phone and stop looking at my phone for notifications or what’s going on. I’ve found that whenever I don’t wear it I start missing texts and even phone calls because I’ve gotten used to just leaving my phone in my jacket, or on my desk assured in the knowledge that anything important will bubble up to my watch.

My wife still wants a rose gold aluminum watch; but can I suggest it to everyone? No. I’m waiting on a potential Gen 2 for her but my biggest issue with the Watch is that even though what it mostly does what its designed to do very well, its still not as responsive as I feel it should be. I also decry the lack of interesting clock faces (I actually love the Hermes one). Battery life is mostly a non-issue as I was able to glean 3 days out of mine on a recent anniversary trip.

My son recently had surgery and I noticed his surgeon had an Apple Watch on and I asked him his thoughts: nice, cool, but not very intuitive or responsive. He didn’t like that the watch face didn’t come up when he really needed it to and I’ve seen the same thing.

The point of these stories is to show that its a good first gen product, but definitely can be better. Its good enough that I want to wear mine as much as I can, and so I’m looking forward to seeing what Gen 2 looks like. How about you? What do you feel is good about the Apple Watch Gen 1 and what are you hoping to see in Gen 2?