Wow – we’ve really excited about the release of version 4.0! The amount of great positive feedback we’ve received from users and from people trial-ing the Premium features has been astounding. Some of the most positive feedback we received was over the new UI design and our rolling month views – but we’ve also heard from some customers that some of the changes weren’t their favorite.

Over the course of a week and a half we listened to the feedback and made some adjustments to address some of that feedback. Each change we made had specific reasons behind them that we couldn’t back-track on, but we were able to find new ways to bring some old options back in, or to improve the changes we had made.

Here are some highlights of what’s new in 4.01:

  • Added “Scroll by Month” option for our vertical Month View
  • Calendar “mini-months” are back (swipe in from the left edge to show them)
  • Added setting to show/hide the iPad Graphical Today View Sidebar
  • Saved Filters now show on top of the filter screen for easier access
  • Added Sync button on the iPhone Tab bar (turn it on in Settings->View/Tabs)
  • Improved visuals when using background color style
  • Improved behavior of event/task popover display by adding better support for telephone number links, and editing an event/task by tapping on its date/time
  • SmartTitle interaction has been improved when typing in contact names
  • TravelAssist™ trips sync more reliably now (only available via Informant Sync)
  • Checklists in the popover now show larger and can be used more easily
  • Added Tiny Size option to Day View

And here are a few of the pesky bugs we have exterminated for you:

  • Fixed a few sync-related issues
  • Fixed some event template issues (“Show Template in New Menu” setting, template duration fixes, etc)
  • Fixed a couple issues with recurring events and exceptions not showing properly
  • Improved font size behavior in places using iOS 7’s Dynamic Text Size
  • Improved Calendar/Task Printing to show rich text notes and headers better
  • Improved some text encoding issues in our event/task popover
  • Fixed an issue where converting a task to an event would not always work
  • Backup Manager now shows non-user invoked backups and a few other backup fixes
  • Fixed an issue with iOS Reminder locations not saving if Proximity was set to none
  • Fixed an issue in some timezones like New Zealand where if the first day of week is Monday, November and a few other places might truncate the month in Month View
  • Month View Time bar style handles multi-day timed events better
  • Other minor fixes throughout

Normally we do a .01 update a week or two after release of a major release – so this is about the right schedule. We also normally try to move forward in our UI and feature-set without introducing greater complexity – and then get feedback and see what we need to adjust. That’s what we did here.

I’d also like to ask that if you’re happy with Informant 4 – or 4.01 – please do give us a good review on the App Store. And if you’re not – just be patient with us in support. We appreciate it. Our goal is always to do what’s right for our customers, as best we can.