Today’s announcement made me very happy. I sat here in the Austin office watching the keynote via our AppleTV with Chris and furiously wrote notes on what the developments mean to us.

For OS X the changes meant that PI for Desktop is going to look and behave fantastically. I have actually run PI for Desktop on Yosemite and it’s awesome.

On iOS 8 we’ve got a lot of internal excitement on what we can do for our users. A lot, but not everything, of what’s been asked for by our users is coming: TouchID integration, Notification center widgets, and a lot more.

The best part for me is that we can spend our time making our apps better and bringing them to new platforms instead of rewriting things to support “the new way”. Yes, there was a new programming language but it won’t negatively effect us.

So whoop! Whoop! Excited for this WWDC!!!! I’ll be in San Francisco Wednesday and Thursday. Looking forward to it!