FollowUp is a new app for Android smartphones, made to automate handling communicating tasks.

For example, you read your email messages and want to create tasks to reply to some of them. Before, you needed to select email subject, switch to your task manager and create task there manually. With FollowUp you just star this message. FollowUp checks your email account and when it finds starred message a new task is created for it. Later, when you answer this message FollowUp will notice this and mark associated task as completed.

Similar functionality is available for phone calls and SMS messages. Since you cannot star them, FollowUp will simply monitor for unanswered calls and SMS messages and if it finds one unanswered for more than 30 minutes then a new task is created. And if you call back or reply to the message the task also gets completed automatically.

Of course, FollowUp cannot replace full-functional task manager. This is why we added a lot of sync options: with Informant Sync, Google Tasks, Toodledo, Evernote and MS Exchange Tasks. All these sync account types are also supported by Informant, so you can see all the tasks created in FollowUp there too. And we support one more account type in FollowUp: Todoist.

The app itself is free and sync to online services can be unlocked by one time $4.99 in-app purchase.

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Yuriy Savchenko

Android Developer