We’re really excited about iOS 8 and all of the great features that we get from it however it’s important to remember that iOS 8 is not only in beta – it’s the first beta which means that it’s the buggiest release of Apple’s betas.

We will also have to see how changes in the OS require us to rework small parts of code here and there. This is normal and expected with major new iOS releases.

Support for Informant on iOS 8
You can feel free to report bugs related to later betas and Informant and you can be certain we will look into what is causing them. I say later betas simply because my experience is beta 1 is impossible to debug and so we don’t really put a lot of time into debugging on new major iOS releases until beta 2 or 3. Part of the struggle for any developer is determining whether the bug exists in your own app or in Apple’s code.

However we ask that when you report it – do so on the forum and not via support. Support isn’t running iOS 8 and really isn’t setup to deal with beta bug reports. We appreciate it.