Informant M9 Beta 5 Release Notes

M9 Beta 5 is scheduled for public availability by Oct 20th.

• NEW: Meeting Invites: You can now send events to meeting attendees as you can on iOS (for local and Informant Sync events). Set up an email account within Informant Account settings (this is currently used solely for the purpose of sending Meeting Invites)
• NEW: You can now re-order checklist items. If you are using Informant Sync between your Mac and iOS devices, the order of checklist items is kept in sync between all your devices.
• NEW: Added URL field to tasks
• IMPROVED: In search results, completed tasks are now reverse sorted by completed date instead of due date
• IMPROVED: Visual improvements with the Subscribe Calendar sheet
• No longer show the Completed Date field in the editor unless you are editing a completed task

• When you add a new checklist item, it will remain as the bottom checklist item rather than getting reordered (like previous versions of Informant for macOS did)
• When you drag a checklist item to a new parent task (that doesn’t have any child tasks at all), then the checklist item is preserved as a checklist item (in past builds, it would get converted to a subtask)
• Fixed rare issue with calendar views loading data
• Fixed issue where launching Informant with multiple tabs in High Sierra would cause the view to get tucked underneath the tabs
• When opening a repeating task in the editor, the wrong recurrence type might get selected
• The location of an event was being duplicated on alerts
• Fixed alignment issue with event title and location on event rows
• Resolved a few issues when subscribing to a calendar
• Fixed crash-on-launch in macOS 10.11 (El Capitan)
• Fixed crash that could occur when opening certain ICS files
• Fixed Beta 4 regression that could sometimes cause a crash when pasting an event
• Fixed Beta 4 regression that would crash if you made certain change to a Calendar
• Fixed Beta 4 regression that would crash when bringing up the contextual menu on a task in the column week view
• Internal change: Moved all filter handling to our new PIViewFilter class developed for iOS – this will ultimately let us handle Event Tag filtering on macOS in a future build.


Informant M9 Beta 4 Release Notes

• NEW: Added support for Franklin-Style priorities! This means you can now use ABC/123 prioritization on Informant for macOS. They sync as expected from Informant for iOS. You can right-click on a task to quickly assign a priority from A-C and from 1-10. If you need to go further than that, you can go into the full editor for the task. The Franklin-Style priorities show up in a task row underneath the title (similar to iOS)
• There is now a Task Preference for switching task modes in Informant for macOS. NOTE: Currently Franklin-Style and GTD-Style are implemented. Simple Task Mode is not fully implemented yet.

• Changing the color or time zone of an event calendar didn’t immediately refresh the current calendar view
• Fixed potential issue with recurring events when making an exception
• Internal improvements to sync and eventKit
• Updated some internal frameworks
• Updated localizations

the beta is now live for the public

Beta 4.1 Released on Oct 6, 2017

Beta 4.1. Here are the release notes:

• Sometimes you could not select the numerical component in the new Franklin-Style Priority editor
• Various other minor fixes to the new Franklin-Style priority selector
• Regression: Fixed a crash when opening or creating Apple Events
• All our model-layer objects now support NSSecureCoding. Besides being the right thing to do, this fixes a crash in High Sierra when doing something clipboard related (copy/paste or drag/drop)
• Checklist items now appear in the same order on macOS as they do on iOS

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