As of Sept 26, this release is still considered “beta”. You can access this release in Informant for macOS if you have Preferences>>Updates: “Include Beta Builds” enabled.

Milestone 9 Beta 3

Welcome to the next beta installment of Milestone 9. We are excited to be getting back to work on our next major milestone of Informant for macOS. This beta release mostly focused on getting some infrastructure in place for printing – we still have some work to do on printing, but we’ve gotten the ball rolling on it. Enjoy!


  • New! The first and rough implementation of printing for month, year and task view. Printing respects your current filter settings on the view you are about to print. PLEASE NOTE: Printing is not complete! There are several known issues with printing currently and there will be further improvements/refinements in the next beta:
    • Month View doesn’t always show a proper print preview
    • Tasks only print 1 page worth of tasks
    • Not all views support printing yet
    • Custom print options are currently hidden in this build
  • Checklist rows are shorter


  • Fixed issue where repeating daily all day Apple Calendar events would end 1 day after the Repeat End Date specified in Informant (Apple stores repeat end date as GMT for all day events…which ultimately, we should do that too some day for our events)
  • Fixed multiple small issues related to alarm notification phrasing (especially in the cases where the alarm was set to fire after the event start or task was due)
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the Completion Button or “Info Icons” would be in the incorrect state for a given row in the Menu Bar “Focus View”
  • Sidebar sub-heading no longer cut off on macOS High Sierra
  • Internal improvements