Its been awhile since our last update and that’s because we’ve been heads down working so hard that frankly getting some air to breathe was hard enough 🙂 So here is a quick message on where we are at:
Desktop Informant

Chris has continued to work hard on desktop Informant. As we’ve been working on things, moving to Yosemite (Mac OS X 10.10), we’ve been reworking some aspects to get it right and that’s been delaying where we had hoped we would be. Again, we’ve got a working Informant today but there is a lot to do still. The editors are a major part of what we’re working on right now as well as the Week and Days view. I cannot provide any dates as of yet, but we’re still hoping to have some sort of release this year. To be clear, this is pretty much the only thing Chris is working on and has been for months. Its a huge project and we’ve had some outside help, but we’re getting more soon.


Informant for iOS 8 (i.e. 4.1)

This has been my baby for the last 2-3 months and there is a lot going on here. We have a multi-year plan of where we want to be and I’ve been focusing on that, as well as taking care of bugs, UI issues, and try to continue to make overall improvements. I’ve got so much on my plate with Informant on mobile that I have no time for “change for change sake” and have been really prioritizing what we do.

With Informant 4.1 (which will support iOS 7 as well), we’ve added a Today Widget, an action Extension, and redesigned parts of our calendar UI to make it better for one handed use – which presciently is good for the iPhone 6 and 6+. Internally, to support the Today Widget and action Extension, we’ve had to re-architect our internal controller/model/view separations more strictly which has touched nearly every part of Informant – in a good way because this is work we planned to do in the future anyway, but it just got accelerated. We’ve also done a lot of work to add actions to our alarms – like snooze, call, and more. And now we’re making changes to properly support the iPhone 6+’s landscape screen and more.

Informant 4.1 is not scheduled to be released this next week. We have enough new stuff and major changes that we we are doing a nice long beta test of it. It will be worth it though as there are many other surprises that I haven’t mentioned. My guess is beginning to mid-October.


So there we are – status on our two major fronts going on right now. We’re working hard on making sure Informant is the best PIM on the market, and the best calendar/task app on the market. I wish we could get it done faster, but we’re focusing on quality here. Thanks!