Happy New Year! I love January as it is a time of new beginnings. As such, I want to help (you) our faithful Informant customers, get off to a great start in 2016 by clearing up some of the most common questions we get in support. Hundreds of times each week we seem to get the following questions-

Q: Do I need Informant Sync to sync my data?

A: Informant Sync is not required to sync your data it is simply another option in addition to Google, Toodledo, and Evernote that you can use to sync your data.


Q: When I try to login to Informant Sync at your website it tells me that it has no record of my information yet my Informant is syncing to the account right now, what gives?

A: The Informant Sync service does not provide web access to your data. The screen that you are attempting to login to is the renewal screen, you can only use that after your subscription has expired to renew. Attempting to login there any other time will produce user id errors. The data in the account can only be accessed by syncing to an Informant application.


Q: I’m trying to buy the Mac OS x Informant on your website but my login isn’t working it says there is no record of my account yet my device is syncing without a problem to the same account?

A: Actually the purchase system for the OS x Informant is not related to the Informant Sync service at all and your login for Informant Sync will not work in the purchase system. You will need to create a new account to purchase the OS x Informant. Now to keep things simple, if you wish you can create your purchase account using the same sign in name and password as your Informant Sync account since they are separate systems this will not cause any problems.


Finally we have the most common question of all

Q: I have Informant on my phone and tablet how do I make them sync?

A: This is a very large question because there are so many choices and variables involved. Since I am running out of space here we have a great FAQ article that answers this question. It was written to the iOS users but the same principals apply to the Android Informant and the Mac OS x Informant. Here is the link http://webis.helpshift.com/a/pocket-informant/?s=informant-for-ios&f=syncing-made-simple


Finally in this time of new beginnings, we welcome you as a customer to our new company, Fanatic Software, Inc.!  The same Informant that you know and trust, with all of the same people, just a new identity and a continued drive to bring you the best applications possible.

Wesley Sandlin
Global Support Manager
Fanatic Software, Inc.