For many of us we spend our time on the 4th camping, grilling up some burgers or my favorite – smoking ribs (yum!, right?) – and enjoying the families we have around us. This weekend I intend to spend time with my family and watching some fireworks. It is a great time no doubt. However I personally also think about how this country was founded, why we celebrate, and I try to pass that on to my own children.

So as we the people of the United States of America celebrate this 4th of July, to all out there – we say thank you for your support.

So quickly I thought I’d give you guys a quick list of what we’re doing as well (I know this has nothing to do with 4th of July…but hey):

  • We recently released 4.01 for iOS. This took care of a lot of feedback from our customers, but not all.
  • We are working on 4.02 for iOS to try and take care of more of it. We’re still looking at ways to better improve iPad mini-months, and a few other things. We’ve already gotten a dozen minor improvements as of today, but we’ve got another group of improvements coming.
  • Of course we are also planning on starting our iOS 8 work shortly – but we’re waiting on beta 3 before we invest too much time in.
  • Desktop for OS X is well on its way, but we’re looking for some OS X developers to help us finish it a bit quicker. I’ve got a few feelers out right now.
  • And we think we’ve got an exciting pipeline coming up for the next year.

Again – we thank you for your support and appreciate all of our customers.