Today we want to let our Android customers know that the companion application to Informant for Android, a package called Follow Up is being retired and removed from Google Play. Development and support for Informant for Android will continue.

Follow up  was a free application that essentially bundled your communication notifications into one place.  In a sense it was a super widget.  It was a pet project of the original Android Pocket Informant development team and was released in March of 2015, it has never been updated, not even by the original development team.  Since 2015 the Android platform has advanced meaning that Follow Up has gotten outdated and lost a lot of its functionality.  We’ve kept it around as a courtesy for the few of you that were still using it and the functionality that it had left.   Due to recent and upcoming changes to the application standards from Google the Follow Up application can no longer be offered and may not run anymore on newer versions of the Android OS.

This change will not impact the operation or performance of Informant for Android.  For current users of Follow Up nothing will change except, going forward,  you won’t be able to re-download the application if it is uninstalled.

In no way is this any indication that our commitment to Informant for Android has wavered, we intend to continue improving Informant for the Android and look forward to its future.