Hope. Excitement. Anticipation – no – its not Pocket Informant 5 or Desktop Informant Release 6 – though I will have some information on those soon. No, yesterday I dropped my first-born at his new home – University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS). This is a moment I’ve been waiting for with excitement and trepidation for several years and it finally arrived.

I’m not sure who had a more difficult time with this change in our household – his mother or I, but I know that for him this was a time of change that was both exciting and nervous. His room-mates were kind, courteous and made us feel pretty comfortable him. Of course they are all teenagers coming of age and so they are all trouble-makers in one way or another.

While there we were able to enjoy a bit of real Texas BBQ at Rudy’s BBQ – oh my – how I miss real BBQ. The stuff they peddle here in Colorado almost makes me a vegetarian – which really speaks to the quality of the BBQ here.

The day before we left for the dorms, my son spent several days organizing his bedroom, his lists of things to do, and getting his car packed with clothes, iMac, and more. It reminds me a little about the business I’m in and how it has these cycles which seem to hew closely to the school year. We are all taking vacations during the summer and things slow down and its really good for the soul; but now its time to get back into the grind.

I spent a few weeks on a working vacation during the month of July in the United Kingdom, but Chris has been working really hard all summer long to make great strides in our Desktop Informant app – again that’s another post coming soon.

I’m personally working hard on both Desktop Informant and Pocket Informant 5 the last few weeks – and because Desktop Informant is all about brand new UI and PI5 is all about a redesigned UI, I’ve got my work cut out for me. One thing I’ll ask is please don’t ask me about PI5 – I’ll talk about it when the time is right. In the past I sometimes would get coerced to talk about PI5 too early and I’d rather talk about what we have today and now – not tomorrow.

Well now that I’m back to work I’ll try to find some time to write up some more blog posts as I think we have a lot of major announcements in the next 4 months that you guys will want to stay tuned for.