We added Evernote integration to Informant years ago on mobile and we are now adding it to our Desktop version. This has been one of our biggest engineering projects in a year because we couldn’t use any of the old mobile code for Evernote on OS X. The Evernote SDK is iOS only and the version we used on iOS was an older version to boot.

With Informant for OS X we actually took the latest iOS SDK, the really old Mac SDK, and merged it to make it work on both iOS and OS X. We also retagged it all using Objective-C lightweight generics so it would work well with Swift…which was kind of necessary because we wrote the entire Notes View and the Evernote Sync all in Swift! That’s three major projects with all new code!

Very soon we are going to be posting a new Beta of Informant for OS X with the latest Evernote sync fixes and more. We still have a lot more work to do – better support of Evernote checkboxes, uploading file attachments/images, and Linked Notebook support (that one is evil @Evernote people). We expect to have Milestone 8 finished in about 2 weeks. That’s my hope at least 🙂

Below I did an hour long screencast of debugging some Evernote Sync operations a few days ago. If you’re into that sort of thing – enjoy 🙂

Oh and all that work we are doing for Informant for OS X is going into a future version of Informant on iOS as well.