Dear Pocket Informant, I want to build my son a tree house, can Pocket Informant help with this project?

YES!!! Pocket Informant can help you to get that tree house built.

Pocket Informant can help you with any type of project you may have that has a list of smaller task elements that need to be completed on the way to completing the entire project.

When creating a new task in the iOS Pocket Informant pull down the task editor to reveal two buttons “Task” and “Checklist” tap the Checklist button.

Task/Checklist Toggle

Now you can create a list of items inside of the task that need to be completed before the task itself is completed.

So, for our tree house example, the task Build Tree House would be created.

Then we would add each step as a checklist item. Things like buying the materials, hiring someone to do the building, etc. The graphic below shows how this might look:

The concept of a checklist inside of Informant

Now here is how this task would look when created inside of Pocket Informant.

Once all of the checklist items are completed, simply complete the task itself and you should be able to enjoy your tree house–or any other similar project, such as grocery shopping, preparing to teach a class, changing the oil in your car etc.

Task with checklist (iOS 13 view shown)