I’m a little hot right now and its not the weather (its actually snowing where I live). Apple has told us that iTunes Connect – the system we use to submit new releases to Apple – would be closed December 22nd through December 29th. No problem at all. We got 4.54 developed, tested, and over-tested and submitted to Apple on December 13th. Current App Review times were running a bit long: 7-8 days, so we figured 9 days was OK.

On Sunday the 21st I get a “meta-data” rejection from Apple. This usually means that they just have a question and once its resolved, you’re good. This one was about our use of the background-audio flag which we use to be able to record audio notes in the background. We’ve been rejected before for this and the solution is to explain “Go to the Notes Tab, click on the microphone and voila!”. They are always happy with that, in fact we keep it in our “App Review Notes” permanently for that reason.

So it was quite surprising to get a rejection on this suddenly now, when 4.54 has a lot of really really good fixes. So I explained to the App Reviewer manually how to get there and what to do. He responded with the same text. Sigh. OK so I explained with a bit more detail and a screenshot.

That was 6:30pm Sunday night. I haven’t heard back and now iTunes Connect is shut down, so 4.54 won’t have a chance of being approved until the new year essentially. I am disappointed and I know many people who are waiting on specific changes or fixes are disappointed as well.

Here are the changes for 4.54:

  • Toodledo Authentication and sync – you may need to sign out and then back in if you experienced and issue before
  • Search View Options and performance
  • Natural Language Entry now supports “/:” as a parameter for the calendar and we now only need the first few characters of the calendar title as well (2 or more)
  • Add to Informant now supports events
  • Performance Optimizations
  • TextExpander Touch update
  • Fixed a long-standing map pin drop problem
  • Fixed several issues with our ETA not showing
  • Next Action processing in Sequential Projects have been improved
  • Completed Tasks now sort at the bottom at all times
  • Exporting ICS files now works for iOS Events
  • Fixed a crash deleting an event on iOS 7 devices
  • Fixed a crash directly editing the date/time from an event viewer
  • Updated our selection of Google Calendars to Sync
  • Fixed an issue where template locations would get lost
  • Fixed All Day Recurring events in the Day View not opening to the correct occurrence
  • Some fixes for Dropbox
  • When grouping by Completion, we now sort by completion
  • Settings reorganization
  • Fixed the Task Editor switching location alerts to No Alert
  • Fixed editing a notebook sync account
  • Converting a checklist to an event now copies the checklist items to the notes field
  • Fixed an issue where editing multiple tasks and changing their sync account would not change their children
  • Double Tap Day View entry now automatically uses the current filter for tag/calendar defaults
  • Fixed editing a Saved Filter that contains both task and event tags
  • Location Region/Beacon notifications only alert if the last alert was over 45 seconds ago
  • Fixed a bug where creating an event by swiping a contact will create the event twice
  • Notes editing now shows the selection buttons properly
  • Other bug fixes based on reports from our support and beta teams