Pocket Informant for iOS

Powerful, complete and feature-packed. Calendar, Tasks, Notes and Contacts all in one fresh and easy-to-use application.

Pocket Informant for Android

Beautifully and efficiently combines Calendar, Tasks, and Notes, allowing you to see your entire day at a glance on both your smartphone and tablet.

Informant Sync

Formerly known as Pocket Informant Online, this is our own in-house cloud sync service, bridging the gap between mobile platforms.

FollowUp for Android

FollowUp is a FREE app for your Android that takes missed calls, emails and SMS messages from your contacts and converts them to tasks.

Why I Recommend TextExpander

I’ve been using TextExpander since at least 2009 (that’s the earliest receipt I can find right now) and its one of the first apps that I install on my Mac because of how important it is to my personal and professional use. I chose TextExpander at that time – and...

This one has all the bases covered, and is overall impressive. I like that the task manager has robust repeat features, and a calendar date picker. It seems to have anything you could want. I have been a former OmniFocus’ user, but due to the lack of options it offered, I have moved to Pocket Informant. I feel this has everything it was missing and much more. Responsive customer support and continual app improvements are made.


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