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Pocket Informant for Android

Android Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Contacts

All together in one beautifully powerful application

This is the most productive you will ever feel on your Android device!

Responsive Support

We believe that a product is only as good as the support behind it, and we strive to bring you the best! Our support team is always ready to answer any questions you may have, quickly and efficiently.

Single Purchase for both Smartphones and Tablets

Don’t pay twice for the same app!  We made Informant  to be universal for both Android smartphones and tablets.

Powerfully Designed

With fourteen years of mobile experience, Pocket Informant is designed with the mobile professional in mind. Measure twice, cut once isn’t just a good idea: it forms the basis for how we approach our feature-set.

Sync Services

Need to get your events, tasks, or notes syncing between your devices? We’ve got you covered! Informant supports your native Android Calendar as well as syncing directly between Google Calendar, Tasks, Toodledo, Evernote, and Informant Sync.

Colors and Icons

Colors and Icons make your calendar items stand out. Quickly see how your events and tasks fill your day by looking at the icons and colors. Set icons on your sync accounts, calendars.

Top Features in Pocket Informant for Android

Fresh New Interface Design

We’ve made it easier to create and edit events and tasks with a purely clean designed interface designed for simple power.

Use the beautiful, default Clear design, or choose from one of several different themes available to customize the look for your specifications.

Adjustable screen areas allow you to enlarge and shrink your chosen view by tapping and holding the sizing selector.

Multi-Select in All Views

Quickly make changes on multiple items with the new Multi-Select!

This feature works in all views, including Search, and allows you to select bulk items to move, edit or delete. Save time, and be more productive!

Sliding Navigation Between Dates and Filters

All of the main views in Informant use Sliding Navigation. In Calendar View use it to swipe to the next or previous day (or any number of displayed days, depending on your settings). In other views use it to switch between the main list view and filter view, or to go out of item preview. Just one more way Informant makes managing your schedule and tasks easier!

New Sort Order Options

Do it your way! With  the new, flexible Sort Order Options you can sort your Tasks, Contacts or Notes by any combination of fields possible. For example, you can sort by context, then by date, then by priority. This is especially helpful when combined with grouping.

Adjustable Multi-Day View

Adjustable Multi-Day View allows you to show any number of days, from 1 to 7 in one Multi-Day View. This can be used for planning your work week, or for seeing events from yesterday and tomorrow together with events from today. So much information in one screen!