A new powerful app for Android that takes the power of Pocket Informant and brings it to your email. Download it for free and start getting more productive today!

Keep track of all of your communications – in one place

FollowUp is a FREE app for your Android smartphone that takes the guesswork out of keeping up with your incoming communications. Missed calls, emails and SMS messages from your contacts become tasks for completion. You can also create contact-based tasks directly from the app.


  • Connect to Gmail account to monitor for starred emails
  • When starred email is detected it becomes a task
  • Reply to email and the task is marked as completed

SMS Messages

  • Monitors for missed SMS messages from your contacts
  • If a message goes un-answered a new task is created
  • Reply to message and task is marked as complete
  • Block messages from un-desired numbers

Phone Calls

  • Watch for missed calls from your contacts
  • If call goes un-answered for more than 30 minutes a new task is created
  • Return phone call and the task is marked as completed
  • Block calls from un-desired numbers


Unlock Syncing with a single in-app purchase  of $4.99 USD

Sync with:

  • Evernote
  • Exchange Tasks
  • Google Tasks
  • Informant Sync
  • Todoist
  • Toodledo

Partners beautifully with Pocket Informant!