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We are excited to offer our new Pocket Informant Mac 2.0 platform to our customers!

At $19.95 per year, you’ll be able to easily sync all of your calendar information directly from your phones to your Mac.

We understand that our Mac platform has been a one time purchase in the past but moving to a subscription based model allows us to give you so much more.

Subscription models provide us a stead and predictable stream of revenue for our developers which will ensure ongoing support, maintenance, and the development of new features.

We’ll also have more resources for regular updates and improvements ensuring that Pocket Informant for Mac stays current with evolving technologies and your user needs!

Ongoing customer support for our platforms is resource-intensive. This pricing allows developers to maintain our dedicated support team to address your inquiries, troubleshoot your issues, and provide assistance.

A subscription model also allows for consistent experiences and feature parity across all of our platforms ensuring your experience will be seamless on any device you need to use with Pocket Informant.

We feel like it’s a really good value for our customers…and even more importantly, it puts us in a position where we can continue to deliver some really great new features that we have on our roadmap and we can release them whenever they’re ready without having to hold them back for the “next major upgrade”.