Mac OS X and iOS

We offer contract development services specializing in Mac OS X and iOS development that gives your project a special touch. With over 8 years of commercial Cocoa and Cocoa Touch experience, using the latest technologies such as Swift 2 and with Apple’s latest SDKs – and support for older SDKs – we bring a rich skill set to any project.

We prefer self-contained projects that we can plug into existing projects or become the foundations of new ones. For example writing a unique UX control or creating the entire back-end for projects that include Core Data, SQLite, and access to RESTful servers. We will consider projects on an hourly or per-project basis.

Alex Kac

Alex Kac


Alex Kac is the CEO and founder of Fanatic Software, Inc (formerly WebIS). His primary focus is Informant on OS X and iOS, but is interested in consulting jobs to experience new areas of development. “I find a lot of developer-friends who ask me business and development questions and realized that I enjoy the variety that I might find with an occasional consulting job.”

His skill-set includes Swift 2 (and keeping up with the latest Swift changes), Objective-C, C++, and C as well as server-side technologies such as Google App Engine, PHP, and RESTful technologies.

Chris McSorley

Chris McSorley


Chris McSorley is the co-fanatic of Fanatic Software, Inc (formerly WebIS) and is the lead engineer on Informant for OS X. His skill-set includes Swift 2 (and keeping up with the latest Swift changes), Objective-C, C++, and C as well as back-end technologies such as CoreData and SQLite.


Why Consult With Us?

Fanatic Software’s focus is on Informant for iOS, OS X, Android, and the web. We have a mission and vision to bring powerful productivity to a mobile workforce. However we find that working with other companies and people can broaden our skill-sets and application of them, so we believe that bringing our 18+ years of development experience on mobile and desktop to you gives you an edge – and mutually helps us focus our software better as well. Its a Win-Win!

Our hourly rate will depend on the scope and type of project and will range between $85-$100 an hour.

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