The own it option for Informant 5 for iOS will be going away….for new customers. If you already have taken advantage of the Own-it option, nothing changes. You still have it, you will keep it. If you still want to take advantage of this option you have a few more weeks to do so. This announcement simply means that we will not be offering this to new customers in the near future.

What is the “Own it” option?
This is (was) an optional way to purchase Informant 5 for iOS in Apple’s App store. It was offered as a way to transition past customers and honor previously loyal customers who weren’t too excited about our move to the subscription model with the launch of Informant 5 in November of 2016. For $25, the same as a 1 year subscription, users were given a fully functional version of Informant 5 for iOS.  They also received a 1 year subscription to the Informant Sync Connection bundle. At the end of the first year, the sync services stop working, but the app stays in full function mode.

Why is it going away?
The “Own it” option creates complexity. Complexity in working with Apple’s licensing system, complexity for customer in understanding our business model, complexity in our product marketing, complexity in creating special offers and free trials, and complexity in our messaging to customers. It has created many long-winded and generally weird conversations.  So basically, it’s confusing and complicated and we wanted to find a better way.

Our priorities in finding a better solution:
#1) We don’t want you to feel like your data is held hostage. You will have permanent access to it. When you sign up for a subscription service, we know there is a feeling of risk that you might lose access to your data. We know that the data you keep in Informant is important not just for today, but important as a history and a reference. A “good” solution for us means that you are never locked out of your own data.
#2) We want you to be able to “come back” and use the full version. As much as we want all customer to stay on the subscription and use the app, we know that some people may drop off. We also wanted to provide a way for these users to come back when the time was right.

The Solution:
We will provide an  export to CSV. So even if your subscription is expired, you can export your data so that you have it for future use.  We may also consider other options that may allow read only access or periodic unlock periods that customers can take advantage of.

The Bottom line:
We want you to feel like you can subscribe anytime and feel confident that you can always have all of your data any time you need it—even if you cancel your subscription, you still have all your data.

Additional Benefits:
By simplifying our pricing and licensing we can improve our ability to offer free trials on subscriptions, this means we can give more opportunities to users on the Free version to try the Full version more frequently.

We know that this might be bad news for a few of you, so if you are still wanting to take advantage of the Own It option and just haven’t done it yet, you will have about 1-3 more months to do so before this offer is gone forever.

If you are a customer who bought the app under the Own It option, your app will not change. You will still have the full version without any requirement to buy a subscription going forward.  We are simply discontinuing the sale of it going forward.