3/17/21 – 3/31/21 Updates

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      It’s been a productive couple of weeks, and we are looking forward to releasing 0.12 next week. Some major changes are coming your way! A big thank you to those of you that took the time to have a video meeting to discuss feedback and overall Informant usage questions. If any of you would like to set up a video meeting, email us at support@pocketinformant.com.

      With that being said, here is a summary of some changes from these past two weeks that have been released to our staging site:

      • Sorting option bugs
      • Creating a web browser extension for the site
      • UI/UX fixes based off of user feedback
      • Project color bugs
      • Drag & drop tasks within Sequential type projects
      • Project names under tasks
      • “With Parent” recurrence fix

      These next two weeks we are working on implementing:

      • Drag & drop bugs
      • Web browser extension implementation
      • Smart filters
      • UI/UX cleanup
      • Sorting improvements
      • Progress bar UI in summary view
      • Project & task color fixes
      • Datetime bugs & localization
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