0.18 Release Notes & 0.19 tentative plan

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      Version 0.18 was released on 7/21.

      Here is a summary of some changes included in this last release:

      • Alarms set on other platforms will now be displayed in the task/checklist detail area
      • Context menu for right-clicking tasks/checklists had additional options added to set Project, Start Date, Context, Action, and Priority
      • Sort option for projects and filters now saves, rather than defaulting back to None when navigating away from the view
      • Expanded color customization options for tasks, tags, and projects
      • Smart Filter bugs
      • Site bugs

      0.19 is set to be released around 8/6 and will tentatively include the following:

      • Search to include completed tasks
      • Alarm & Smart Filter bugs
      • Basic profile page
      • Drag & drop improvements
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